Tuesday, November 3, 2020



10 am - 5 pm, 
$50 for a full-day workshop 
Bethany Garner, Instructor and Studio D Resident Artist at the TETT

Gathering at the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning on Sunday, December 6th from 10 am to 5 pm, students will come together to design and create a small art quilt of their own design. Our Workshop will be in the Activity Room on Level 1. 

All levels of experience are welcome. Using Creative Design Play - students will gather to use their own hand-dyed INDIGO fabrics (or fabric of their choice) to make an art quilt... no experience required. Bethany will share her own art quilt samples that use Indigo dyed fabrics and inspire the students in the class to create a design that is simply fun to put together in one day.

Students may have been in class with Beth on December 5th, dyeing their cloth - or may have attended a previous Indigo Dye Class at the TETT and are ready to turn their fabric samples into a wall or tabletop quilt for themselves or as a gift! Students will bring their own cloth, threads, favorite sewing supplies including scissors and rotary cutting equipment if they have it (a rotary cutting station will be available in the classroom), and their sewing machine/extension cord or power bar for this play day. Hand piecing is a welcome alternative. You choose! 

 A supplies list will be shared via email with registered students before the workshop. 

 Please note that we at the TETT are working consistently to ensure the safety and health of our students: ensuring that our classrooms allow for safe self-distancing, by requiring that masks be worn inside the classroom, hand sanitizers are furnished and we are following the Kingston Frontenac Health Unit regulations for tracking student participation and maintaining contact tracing information. 

Register for your tickets here:  The event URL...

 AND - please come stitch with us even if you do not have Indigo Dyed fabrics - the project is YOUR choice and the workshop time you will share with us is all about what you have to work on, and need/want to create... everyone welcome and YOUR projects are exciting and WE want to see!

Great inspiration from Pinterest photos library... celebrate the artists!!!

And now there are THREE... workshops to make your fall FUN!

BORO ART - hand-stitched...

12 x 12 - pieced by machine and hand-stiched

Stunning quilt - indigo and stash plaids

Pojagi... hand pieced silk

Bethany - SOLITUDE... Indigo cloth Art

Friday, October 23, 2020

INDIGO - once again the adventure begins for all of you who LOVE sharing the Indigo Dyeing Experience with Bethany Garner... Saturday December 5, 2020 - COME PLAY

 The date has changed but the workshop has not - a full day December 5th, 2020...

INDIGO - FOR THE LOVE OF BLUE - the adventure begins
370 King Street W.
Kingston ON
Activity Room, Level One
10 am - 5 pm
Everyone Welcome!

Bethany is offering Kingston and area friends another chance to get into the INDIGO dye pots as we approach that awe-inspiring winter season when having a stash of beautiful "BLUE" fabric is so welcome to stitchers and designers.

I love sharing the dye vats with students of all levels - beginners always welcome! Plan to mark your calendar - get a ticket at Eventbrite and entice a friend to join you.
I will have a limited amount of 'prepared for dyeing' fabric available for classroom students. $12 m. Drop me a line and hope you will join in. Seats are limited due to our KFPH Covid-19 regulations and my goal is always to keep us all safe and happily making BLUE!
Hope to see you at the TETT!

email me if you have any questions: bethanygarner.art[at]gmail.com

Happily moving toward the quiet days for stitching on my favourite BLUE fabrics..

And another opportunity for stitch and cloth play:

I would love to have you join me at the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning for a full day of Holiday Gift focused stitch play... bring a friend and share some fun as you design and stitch a gift or add a lovely piece to your own collection! All levels of stitch experience welcome and beginners for sure!

The details are below here:

And I would be pleased to chat with you at my email if you have questions... bethanygarner.art[at]gmail.com

Hope to see YOU on November 29th!

A full-day class that brings each student the opportunity to create a lovely Holiday gift using their skills/ interest in hand made stitch.

About this Event

Join Bethany and friends to share a full-day of stitching at the  Rehearsal Hall at the TETT CENTRE for Creativity and Learning as you design and create a beautiful small Holiday Gift or personal artwork favourite. Background fabric, some threads, and merino wool roving for embellishment are shared with students. 

Bring scissors and a hoop, and tuck in your favourite needles. The class starts at 10 am and runs to 5 pm. Be sure to pack your lunch or have a great meal from the Juniper Cafe in the TETT on the lower level. 

Cameras are welcome for saving some details for your reference and a nice Library of stitch books will be there for you to enjoy while stitching!

Students will receive a comprehensive design-play handout package and will have Beth's expertise and a table filled with inspirational samples to enjoy!

Plan to invite/bring a friend or family member and enjoy stitch time together. 

Note: Your $50 class fee is non-refundable, and you may re-schedule for a future class if unable to attend or share your paid seat with a friend.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

You are invited - Join the Creativity Studios Artists for their beautiful Fall Exhibition in the TETT Centre Gallery, Level One, Kingston ON


Our Resident Artist Studios are filled with activity and the artists are working in their Studios to create new artwork specifically for this show!

The Gallery Exhibition opens on 
Friday, October 2, 2020, in the Gallery 
TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning
370 King Street W., Kingston, ON
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm

Participating Artists:

       Natalie Bohnen-Twiddy, ART BY NATALIE: https://www.art-by-natalie.com/

       Florina Ehninger-Cuervo, COLOURFUL CROW STUDIO:

       Rhonda Evans, GLOCCA MORRA FARMS TUDIO:https://www.gloccamorrastudio.com/

        Bethany Garner, ART IN TRANSITIONhttps://www.bethanygarner.com/

        Melissa Howlett, DUST and BREATHhttps://dustandbreath.ca/

       Lisa Morrisey, DRAGONFLY HANDMADEhttps://dragonflyhandmade.com/

       Michelle Reid, MICHELLE REID ARThttps://michellereidart.com/

        Peng Wang, STUDIO 214C ARTIST/PAINTERInstagram: @pengyuan529

        Adele Webster,  ADELE WEBSTER ARThttps://adelewebster.com/

Hope to see you at the TETT during our show.

Our artists will be rotating through the Gallery during the full show run. 
Most artists will be working to share special techniques and conversations with visitors.



We the Nine Art Exhibition

Open Daily 10 am - 6 pm 

Tett Gallery, Bottom Level

The Tett Centre's Creativity Studios are home to 9 resident artists that can be found creating every day of the week. You can visit the studios to engage with the artists, look around the studio spaces, and maybe even pick up a special piece of art for yourself before its hung in this group show.

A huge THANK YOU to the Tett for donating the gallery space to allow us to showcase our diverse works in a beautiful contemporary setting and share it with our community on October 2-14th. Resident Artists are busy creating until then and encourage visitors to the Tett to have a sneak peek into their studios leading up to the show. It is so inspiring to see them at work.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Our September 2020 "Let's Stitch Again - Like We Did LAST Summer" workshop is over - and what a wonderful two days with friends old and new it was! Thank you so very much to each of the participant friends.....


Great artist pal, Rhonda Evans was first to arrive... we work together as Studio Resident Artists at the TETT Centre - Creativity Studios

Opening morning as the doors opened at the TETT Centre's Activity Room, and it was eerily quiet - a bit echo filled. After a few minutes, our Retreat participants started to arrive - eight in all, and everyone eager to have a quick introduction to those they would be working with over the two days and get started!

I shared a long table filled with some resource materials, great books, and a few pieces of my own work. Inspiration really came from the shared art I have collected from my great artist friends over many years - a treasure trove of beautiful art pieces for this collector for sure.

The room was opened into one-half of the TETT downstairs Gallery space which meant that we had tons of space for self-distancing and each of the stitchers had room to work, breathe and remain safe under the Kingston Frontenac Health Unit protocols that are in place.

A commitment to wearing their face masks all day for 6 hours straight was a requirement and the women who were working together in this retreat were bold, committed, and did just that! We shared lunchtime out of doors, and we had some great conversations over the work tables that included how we are each managing through this difficult time. Most agreed that having the peace and joy of hand and machine work to fill some of our days is a blessing.

We welcomed a wonderful young aspiring Textile and Design student, Lia Mei Pilon McKeen, from OCAD University in Toronto who is starting her first year by working online at home here in Kingston. What a way to start her exciting journey into the world of fibre art and design...

Everyone gave her great support and welcomed her interest in what they were working on, offering some shared skills in things like Drop spindle play (with well-known Kingston spinner, Ainslie Thomson) and she created her first piece of hand made felt... along with some stitched work. She is planning to creat an original design on a T-Shirt that will be hand-stitched and shred a beautiful project - embroidered stitch on the bottom of the legs on a pair of jeans for a gift to a good friend.at the 

Shared pieces for inspiration with embroidered or hand stitched embellishment including a piece by a great friend,  Lynda Watson from London (the Dancing Trees).

Books for inspiration and project stitch options...

One of the projects - inserting lines into a larger piece of cloth using 3/4" strips set in using a 1/4" seam on each side of the insert... Lori Everett's work above, underway but not yet finished.

Wendy McNaughton was attending her very first sewing Retreat and had a dream and photo on her cell phone to inspire her creating this wonderful piece (above) done in just two days - and using a sewing machine her father had given to her that has set quietly patient over many years - waiting for this day. Wendy was so moved by the experience - using the machine and knowing that she COULD create an art quilt making her day!

The piece above (and centered on the wall below) is the most beautiful piece of artwork created by a dear friend, PENNY BERENS of Annapolis Basin, NS.  I purchased her "She Loved the Woods" for my art collection as it hung in the Connections Fibre Artists' annual exhibition at the Wellington County Museum in Guelph last spring. The exhibition traveled to the Southhampton Art Gallery before coming home to the artists/buyers as the pandemic landed into our lives.

I shared a few pieces of my art along the walls and on tables in the gallery space/Activity Room. The friends in the Retreat used them as inspiration and for some design play ideas as they worked on smaller projects that used my technique in sharing the inset process for creating "Lines, a Dilemma" style fabric art...

Each student chose a piece of my hand-dyed cloth and several strips of the various pieces I had precut to create their own piece of artwork - one of their own design during the workshop. They also received pieces of black and grey wool to use as a base for hand stitching projects on day two... time flew and that stitching may have to stake place at their home base now.

And this is THE most devoted friend and wonderful designer, Lori Everett at work on a new piece for an upcoming Kingston Fibre Artists Show in 2021 - fingers crossed!

Loved having you with us Lori!!

I have not enjoyed a retreat more than this session - and look forward to seeing all eight of these artists again one day soon!

Saturday, August 1, 2020


definition: IMPROVISATION. making do. Time to escape for a weekend and be with friends old and new... Hand and Machine stitch, two days!

About this Event

LET’S STITCH AGAIN– Like We Did Last Summer

FRIDAY and SATURDAY, September 26/27, 2020, Two Day Retreat Workshop

9 am – 5 pm, Activity Room/Gallery, Level One

TETT CENTRE for Creativity and Learning

$100 - WELCOME BACK fee (for TWO full days of workshop fun!)

I am so happy to be able to invite you back to our TETT Arts Hub for good fun!

definition: IMPROVISATION... making do... Time to escape for a weekend and be with friends old and new... just making "STUFF"… and having FUN! Meeting new friends and a welcome to FALL sewing 2020!

Using what you have and committing to keeping the faith when it comes to your own work. Whether you have projects on the go, deadlines to meet or just need some time away from the house - this weekend will get you some free time with friends and see what is happening in the outside world. Bethany will share her favourite hand-stitch designs on wool or linen, and the great line focused stitches and piecing she loves so much!

This Friday/Saturday workshop is FIBRE FOCUSED retreat - relaxing days with NO Patterns, NO deadlines, and NO stress about what is good enough or if all the points meet... and yes, it would not be fun without an "original design and play date… so come join Bethany and learn some of her techniques for free form stitching – both by hand and by machine!

We will meet in The TETT Lobby between 9:30 and 10 am and I work until 5 pm. So here is the breakdown for your Friday, Sept. 25th fabric design play day!

IMPROV STITCHING and design play – landscape style (or change it up and make the project your own)

Students will begin the day with graph paper, a ruler, and a pencil - just about an hour to get some ideas down on paper. Then we start the cutting, layering, and stitching processes!

There will be a large supply of general inspiration artwork by Bethany for you to think about and help you get started! Your original design will use a favorite palette from perhaps a very traditional stash or go to super contemporary with just the click of the scissor blades and the fabrics that YOU choose to bring along! This is intended as a STASH BUSTER workshop day.... so go searching through the closets and see what works for you! OR visit the local quilt/fabric shops and bring a small supply to get started on new work!

Below is TURNING POINT ...machine pieced and quilted created for the SAQA “My Corner of the World-Canada’. This piece is home from Australia and a world tour. Just took a Third Place - Abstract Landscapes award at Quilt Canada in Ottawa this past year... a fun surprise.

Also, find a photo of my “LINES A DILEMMA” quilt – a technique for quick pieced blocks that can be joined in any design layout you choose. Fast and easy piecing.

Saturday will see you learning Beth’s technique for pieced “inserting lines” blocks like you will see in several of her “Structures” and “Lines” pieces on display in her Studio at the TETT and in our classroom. She will also share her "STITCH ON WOOL" techniques early in the morning for those who want to start a piece to take home!

It is amazing to see the work grow on a design wall, and even more satisfying to take it to the finishing stages with stitching and binding or mounting over a canvas. I have made numerous Improv pieces that will be in the classroom for you to enjoy! Just come love the freedom of the piecing - playful in it's own, unique "it just happened this way" results!

Really, NO PATTERNS NEEDED -bring your sewing machine (or stitch by hand) and a big box or bag of the scraps (or new, yet to be used) fabrics that have been haunting you, cluttering your closets or sitting in the pile - the pieces that you painted or dyed or bought on a whim and WANT so much to use up and turn into a new quilt, art piece or a gift for someone special. Threads of all types are welcome!

These are days among friends to learn a bit more about how I start and work through my free form quilts – YOU can take yours to bed quilt size or create a small 12 x 12 to get started! SO MUCH FUN!

*A supplies list will be sent along immediately to paid registrants.

* You will receive a comprehensive handout package for after class reference.

Simple cutting – scissors work! Simple sewing – just straight seams! Assembly – FUN!

Please note that this class is non-refundable. If a student is unable to attend, they may make plans with a friend to take their place. In emergency situations, a credit will be issued for a transfer to a future class. Please notify the Instructor if unable to attend, by email to bethanygarner.art@gamil.com .

Friday, July 17, 2020

Dye Play Date at the TETT as we re-open softly....

Please join me if you can for a full day, Procion MX Dyes 
COLOUR ON CLOTH, dye play date 
on Sunday, August 23, 2020
10 am - 5 pm
Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
370 King Street West
Kingston, ON

Students at all levels of experience with colouring cloth with dyes are WELCOME... 
Bethany will be sharing her favourite techniques for creating brilliant colour on cotton, linen, rayon or silk during this one-day workshop.

The dyes are provided and students will furnish their own fabrics. The details are found at the EVENTBRITE listing page Link to your tickets for the event are in the posting from the TETT below) or directly at the TETT Centre Events pages: 

Hoping you will join in on the fun!

Questions: Drop me a note at my Contact Page at http://www.bethanygarner.com

Be inspired...have fun!

TURNING POINT, created with Bethany's hand-dyed fabrics on display in
Studio 214D, TETT Centre Creativity Artists studios, 2nd level M/W/F afternoons.
RED SKY AT NIGHT, created with Bethany's hand-dyed fabrics and on display in Studio 214D,
TETT Centre Creativity Artists studios

 FIRE IN THE BELLY, Maria Shell, SAQA artist, Anchorage AK and a great friend who creates her art quilts with flat dye and Procion MX coloured fabrics often

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Indigo Dye Day is finally a reality for our students at the TETT Centre - Sunday, August 16th, 9-5 pm and seats are limited

The Kingston Frontenac Public Health Unit and the City of Kingston have released the permission to offer classroom training at the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning effective July 6, 2020 on a limited and regulations based basis. I am pleased to have the opportunity to again schedule our INDIGO workshop in August.

Bethany Garner, Instructor
Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning
570 King Street West, Kingston ON
9 am - 5 pm
Seats are limited to 9 students
(and three of the seats have been reserved to students who have been waiting since March and have paid tickets, 
so please do not delay - 
Just 6 seats left).

About this Event

After a break for the COVID -19 "stay at home" period, we welcome our friends to this 6-hour workshop in which students will discover the magic of Indigo dyeing with Bethany Garner!

This class is designed to share multiple techniques that delight and stimulate creativity and result in a beautiful collection of hand-dyed fabric samples for you to work with after class. Learn about fabric preparation, stitching, clamping, and wrapping techniques.

Enjoy instructor-led demonstrations and free time to create! The Workshop focuses on ‘easy to use at home’, studio bucket dyeing methods that everyone can use and take away for further exploration as they develop their new skills. 

Students will be provided with: 

* A comprehensive workshop handout folder, provided.
* Tablecover, masks and gloves
* 1 M. of 100% Cotton, prepared for dyeing Sample Cloth included
* Please bring a large container to take home wet papers/fabrics.

* Students are welcome to bring their own additional fabrics/yarns/threads. (No large clothing items are allowed in this workshop due to shared vats.)

* Students should bring rubber bands, clamps if the have them for shibori folded prints, needle and thread for stitching designs if they like. 

* Students may purchase additional prepared for dyeing cloth for $12 per metre, incl. tax, with cash or credit card at the workshop. Additional yardage must be pre-ordered at least two days before class through the Instructor at:  bethanygarner.art{at]gmail.com  

* Indigo dye vat use is included in the class fee (the vats are prepared by the Instructor and ready to go at the start of class). 

* Indigo Dye vats used in class are available to four students at the end of class for additional dyeing at home. The cost is $8/incl the 5-gallon bucket at the end of the workshop for continued student use at home. (On a 'first request to have a vat' basis). 

* This workshop is non-refundable, but arrangements may be made with the organizer/Instructor to transfer your ticket to another workshop or a substitute student.


Bethany Garner has been designing and making quilts since 1976. She is a seasoned contemporary artist, traditional quilter, Restoration Specialist, Quilt Conservator, and is a Professor of Textile Design at St. Lawrence College, Kingston. She has inspired her students to take chances, try new things, and explore their favourite techniques in the classroom and at home.

Hope to see you at the TETT August 16th!

Friday, June 5, 2020

I AM SO VERY SORRY, but due to the continuation of the legislative orders handed down in Ontario, my two June Dye workshops will be moved forward into the month of August. 

I am so very sad as your classroom Instructor to have to share another postponement date and know that the majority of my TETT Dye Workshop students will understand. For those who have been disappointed one too many times, I will absolutely respond immediately with your request for a refund.

I have planned the Indigo - For the Love of Blue course date for AUGUST 16th, and unless the Covid-19 situation has a second wave, I am confident that I will be able to have the time with you I have planned since the month of March. If indeed we can add these workshops to a JULY 2020 calendar at the TETT, I will notify you immediately.

The date for the planned Dye Day workshop that was planned for June 20th is yet to be set, so I will let you know as soon as I know. I would be so pleased to keep your seat sacred as PAID AND HELD AS RESERVED if you wish!

In the alternative, please ask for your Dye Day refund by emailing me through the contact page at my website:  https://www.bethanygarner.com/contact.html

Thank you for your patience - keep well and safe.

The information I received:  A letter from the TETT Centre Rentals Coordinator:

Dear Bethany
I wanted to touch base about your June 14 & 20, 2020, workshops. Yesterday, the Ontario legislature voted to extend the province's State of Emergency until the end of June so the Tett Centre will continue to remain closed to the public. 

I called the province's Stop the Spread Business Information hotline (1-888-444-3659) and KFLA Public Health to see if you could host a workshop if you had under 5 attendees. The provincial helpline folk quoted the rentals for housing (I don't think they understood the rules themselves) and I'm waiting to hear from KFLA Public Health. It does look like both your June workshops will need to be canceled or postponed

If you have any questions, please let me know. 

Best wishes,

Susanna Gordon
Tett Rentals Coordinator