Monday, June 30, 2014

Canada's new Anti-Spam Legislation is effective July 1, 2014...

A message to all of my BETHANY GARNER blog readers:
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Does the Bethany Garner Blog comply? YES...

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I do so hope you will stay on-board to keep abreast of all of my art related news.
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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fall Course at St. Lawrence College, MARK YOUR CALENDAR and join me...

TEXTILE ART: History, Diversity and TECHNIQUES
Fall Term 2014, St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus  6-9 pm
Thursday evenings, September 18- December 4, 2014, Room 00060
BORO Textile, Japan 1909
So you see the Course title and think “Oh, no… a canned and dry history course”. ABSOLUTELY NOT! This 12-week independent study course is all about finding a focus for your new work in textile art.
Do you love the BORO Textiles created from found materials in Japan at the start of the 20th Century? The hugely diverse and colourful Indonesian hand stitched embroideries and woven foundation cloth? Have you studied the textile history of the countries your family originated from before immigrating to Canada? The world of textile is rich in history and this course will take you on a bit of a world tour decided by the student body as they join in at class each week. A 12 week world tour as we share personal ties to textiles we love and play with many diverse techniques in class! And, a “stash busting” opportunity for you.
Printmaking from Gell Plate, Netherlands 2009
Yes, there will be one great project required from each student! Your choice… and lots of experimentation with colouring cloth, threads and developing a modern take on laying stitch to cloth. Plan to be a part of the classroom fun, making new friends as you join our community of lovers of all things CLOTH! Hope to see returning students and many new to textile in the classroom this fall – traditions to love, passed along.

Bethany Garner, Instructor or

Saturday, June 14, 2014

FIBREWORKS KINGSTON joins HERITAGE QUILTWORKS CANADA to bring you the best of the best Fibre Workshops in 2014/15

Greetings to all of the friends and visitors here at my blog. Hope your summer is going a bit better than mine... unexpected events and surprises happen. (Actually my injury is fine, allowing me time now to read, just enjoy my surroundings and share some quality visits with friends and family ...and slowly one-handed type announcements for this blog!)

Bethany enjoying time with KFA Friends in June, fractured wrist and all

The best part of summer is free time to work on the planning for our FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Series Workshops for 2014/15 and have the chance to network with  the very best and most talented Instructors in Ontario and beyond as I plan for our next year together.

You will notice if you visit our Registration Pages at FIBREWORKS KINGSTON's blog that Fibreworks is now a division of my 10 year old textiles and workshops presentation business, HERITAGE QUILTWORKS CANADA

For many years, FIBREWORKS was so beautifully presented by our mentor and dear friend, Hilary Scanlon. It was always my goal and commitment as I assisted Hilary as her Associate Coordinator from 1996-2008 to strive to continue her dream. Two years ago, Hilary retired and passed the candle for continuing Fibreworks to me... and with several friends and former associates of Hilary's, we tried a "committee approach" to working with the business of running Fibreworks. With everyone very busy with their own arts studies, groups and commitment to quality personal lives, it just seemed best that Fibreworks return to an owner operated business for Administrative purposes.
The original Fibreworks Kingston mission continues: "To promote fibre as an Art Form". Our Instructors are professional designers and well-known craftspersons who skillfully share their well-honed techniques and knowledge. Participants in FIBREWORKS Workshops are professional teachers, and interested craftspersons, or amateurs wishing to learn and share together for further stimulation and knowledge.  I will always seek the very best of the best Instructors for our FW line-up, with the goal of staying in tune with our students' needs and wishes.

Fibreworks is a huge family - made up of students from now almost 35 years of enjoying together the opportunity to learn and grow together. I so hope you will join us once again this new season as Fibreworks Kingston merges with Heritage Quiltworks Canada to bring high quality, skills/knowledge based workshops not only those interested in art quilts and contemporary design, but to needle arts enthusiasts in many disciplines including traditional quilting, embroidery, felt work, painting and mixed media art work and more. Your suggestions are always welcome!
We will be enjoying workshops throughout the year, announced at the Fibreworks blog and in associated social media and newsletter ads with local Groups, Guilds and Associations. Keep a watchful eye as Heritage Quiltworks and Fibreworks Kingston grow to benefit our needle arts enthusiasts in Southeastern Ontario and beyond. Please share the news and bring friends along for the great workshops.

I am pleased to announce here today the line up for our 2014-15 Fibreworks Kingston Weekend Workshops Series, and ask your patience as I prepare and post the individual class descriptions and details (one-handed typing takes SO long). Please visit the FW blog at often for the "Pages" on the right sidebar here for each of the four workshops being announced today.  FW 2014/15 Registration will officially open June 15, 2014 - Please mark your calendars!! Watch for me to post a pdf copy of the Fibreworks brochure at the Fibreworks blog... it will be available there for you soon. 

(You may also contact me at  for a mailed/shared copy after the blog posting of the brochure)

FIBREWORKS welcomes the following outstanding Instructors for 2014-15:

"Wrap and Rust Dyeing"
September 19-21, 2014

"The Same, but DIFFERENT"
November 7-9, 2014

HOLLY DEAN, Merrickville, ON
" Creating the Muse Journal"
April 17-19, 2015

" Mixed Media Assemblages"
May 22-24, 2015

I know you will so enjoy sharing weekend workshop time with each of these very talented and experienced classroom Instructors. Renowned for their beautiful portfolios of art work, each brings a wealth of technique-focused studio and exhibition experience to our classroom. Please spend some time researching each of the artists and visit this blog often as I share news of each Instructors workshop offerings for you at FIBREWORKS this next year.
Thanks for your ongoing interest, encouragement and loyalty... we are blessed to have you as part of our wide network of FIBREWORKS friends and participants.

Fibreworks Coordinator