Favourite Courses I Share with Guilds and Groups

Bethany GarnerBethany Garner
Instructor, Mixed Media and Surface Design

Art Quilts, Pieced and Painted, Whole Cloth collaborations with Nature

Dye and Print Explorations that delight and stimulate creativity

Collage and Assemblages that build foundations for new work

TRANSITIONS: from traditional quilts to contemporary and Modern Quilt Design

These courses are designed to inspire creative development for the beginner wishing to bring the art of quiltmaking into his or her life, and to support the experienced quiltmaker/design enthusiasts to take the next steps toward exploring Surface Design techniques.

Bethany is a seasoned traditional quilter, Restoration Specialist, Quilt Conservator and as a Professor, Textile Design at St, Lawrence College, Kingston, ON since 1996, she has inspired her students to take chances, make time for all things new and explore their favourite techniques in the classroom and their home studios.

Beth’s courses are technique based, fun and developed to ensure that every student feels included, supported and making their way forward on their own creative path.

Dyeing Cloth is a passion and an art…
Bethany has been sharing her favourite techniques in classrooms since 2000, and brings her students a number of mixed media, and cloth based colouring workshops based on the application of easy to use Procion MX Dyes and Acrylic Paints for cloth, fibres and threads

* FLAT DYEING TO QUILT – for beginner and experienced dyers (one day) $15 materials fee
MARBLING FABRIC – A playful, art focused way to create YOUR original Fabric (one day) $15 materials fee

GELLI PLATE PRINTING – a fun filled, new approach for beginners to advanced (one day) $15 materials fee

A STITCHERS APPROACH TO ‘DYEING YOUR OWN THREADS’ – dye painting and low water immersion (one day)
$10 materials fee

Two –Five Day Workshops

COLLAGE – the FIBRE artists way... Beginners welcome. Layering a “CLOTH painting” is fun and easy. $30 materials fee

COMPLEX CLOTH - AN ARTISTS INTRODUCTION: Dyeing and Painting Fabrics  - everyone welcome (two days) $30 materials fee
* SURFACE DESIGN – A Quilters Palette of many techniques used to create original cloth (two to 5 days)
$30 materials fee
For the Workshop Planners:
All of these courses travel easily and can be presented safely, cleanly  and with no special set up required other than table and floor cover, which is provided by the Instructor. Each workshop requires a MATERIALS FEE to be paid to the instructor for dye and paint supplies. A water source close by is required, but not necessarily in the classroom. The Instructor is totally responsible for leaving rooms in as found condition.


Wholecloth ArtQuilts

Mono printed and machine stitched by Bethany 2016

Hand painted art cloth, using thickened dyes


STRUCTURES x 2, Bethany Garner 2017

An easy, ‘in the classroom’ method of dyeing fabrics that can be done in a school classroom, church hall or even your own laundry room at home! Create stunning, one-of-a-kind palettes of fabric using Procion MX dyes, beer cups (it’s true!) and YOUR gloved hands!  Beautiful, ombre fabrics will emerge from your layered collection of up to twelve half yards of hand dyed fabric at the end of the creative workshop day! All that is left to do is carry your fabrics home and rinse after 48 hours of batching!
Red Sky at Night, Bethany Garner
No messy drips, no floors to clean up – a truly fun-filled day of  experimental and yet soooooo easy dye work as you develop your own original palette of colour, design and texture in the pieces that will emerge throughout the day at YOUR table. Be inspired by the art cloth that is developing around the classroom.

* Create special new quilts and garments using your own palette of fabrics that will stand out on the exhibit or Quit Show floor.  You cannot buy this fabric anywhere – each piece is unique and beautiful.

Detail, STRUCTURES, Bethany Garner
*Students will each have their own table, covered with plastic (on the floor under the table with a tarp and on top with a drop sheet, provided) and will choose their colours from a perfectly designed collection of prepared pre-mixed dyes from the Instructor that they will use to create their own beautiful colour palette on cloth. 

Materials fee of $15 includes all dyes and supplies,  and a comprehensive handout to take home for future reference.


For the Workshop Planners:
All of these courses travel easily and can be presented safely, cleanly  and with no special set up required other than table and floor cover, which is provided by the Instructor. Each workshop requires a MATERIALS FEE to be paid to the instructor for dye and paint supplies. A water source close by is required, but not necessarily in the classroom. The Instructor is totally responsible for leaving rooms in 'as found' condition.


Here in Canada we are blessed to have dye and paint supplies available to s through G& S Dyes in Toronto and MAIWA Studio Artists Supply in Vancouver. Marbling has always been a bit of a mystery for those who love to create original cloth, but today we have an easy, MARBLING PAINT that has been developed for the classroom and home-based studio artist. The instructor will share how to create amazing cloth in a clean, safe and fun-filled classroom.
In this one-day workshop, students will have the opportunity to explore easy to use marbling paints from PEBEO, renowned paint developer for the textile arts in France. Fun, fast and easy fabric designs appear and each is unique and original to the student designer.

* We work by layering the paints, using the pipettes or droppers provided onto the surface of a pre-mixed, thickened delivery system (gel product) in a shallow pan. Students will learn to create their own marbling  set-up at home… easy and just made with a special powder and tap water 

* The MAGIC begins as students layer on pre-cut white, black, or coloured fabrics, or papers of their choice. (Japanese papers, Mulberry paper and watercolour paper are great). Students may choose to experiment with silk, satin, corduroy, denim, velveteen and more.


GELLI PLATE PRINTING… one really easy path to all original cloth and paper creation for quilting projects and fibre art

* Have you always wanted to create your own fabrics? We all love commercial prints and wonder how many of the designs are created!  This one day workshop will get you started on creating YOUR own cloth for quilt and art projects.

  * Students will play with a small gelatin print plate they can make at home  (recipe provided with supplies list), or purchase the
GELLI brand plate from their favourite arts supply provider or quilt shop.

  * Loving the techniques, students will spend the entire day together applying acrylic paints to their plates, using stencils, various mark-making tools and their own creativity to create layered prints to use in all new work.

This is a favourite course for Bethany and  always yields great results for her students.

“Dyeing Your Own Threads”

This is a one day class designed to bring a playful, very colour focused
workshop to a quilt retreat, shop classroom or even one-on-one studio
play dates between friends.

* Beth loves using her own hand dyed threads in her art quilts and even
traditional embroidery stitches on cloth. Whether you love
Kantha, layered textural effects, making marks across the surface of a quilt using hand stitch, the threads will be important additions  to your QUILTERS TOOL BOX of skills! Creating your own palette of colourful threads is a part of the journey!

* We will use pre-mixed
Procion MX Dyes, paintbrushes and pipettes to move the dye into the threads… and all you need are your favourite skeins of embroidery floss, pearl cotton in various sizes and even quilting and crochet threads to colour. Beth is a weaving enthusiast and dye paints many of her warp and weft yarns for scarves and home décor items she weaves. COME PLAY! Easy, fun and you will be amazed.

* Your dyed threads will be perfect additions to your   stash.. 
  * We dye on paper plates and in small zip lock bags   (provided with your course materials fee of $15 which covers the dyes and auxiliaries too!)
  * A comprehensive workshop handout is provided.


SPECIMEN, Bethany Garner 2016
Dye and Print Explorations
Using a Pole and a Piece of Fabric –
Indigo and Specialty Mixes in folded and pole wrapped format, dipped and coloured in dye pots (5 gal. buckets)

This one or two-day workshop is designed to share multiple techniques that delight and stimulate creativity, and result in a beautiful collection of hand dyed fabrics for you to work with after class.
Wrapping techniques are the focus in our first part of the workshop on Day One. Demonstrations of technique, practice and dye preparation continue throughout the workshop.

Two Days makes the process so much more fun, with both Indigo and fibre reactive dyes in play using shibori techniques. Time for development of the indigo is also an important factor when deciding on a one or two day workshop.

You will create a special collection of beautiful
arashi pole wrapped fabrics dipped and dye painted on Day Two. The Workshop focuses in on ‘easy to use at home’, studio bucket dyeing methods that everyone can use.
Supplies list provided with registration - Materials Fee is $15 for the one day /$25 two day workshops. Pre-workshop fabric  preparation required.

Classroom care is the responsibility of the Instructor. All floors and tables are covered to protect the during all processes requiring water and dyes.

the fibre artists way….


Bring your favourite (personal) photo to life in this two day workshop designed to help YOU create a new quilt that will be recognized as YOUR original interpretation. Focus will be on fused applique technique and machine quilting.
(If using a photo by someone else, you must bring a “permission to use” signed document.)

* Day One: The drafting technique is fast and easy, and you will be working Day One to take your enlarged photocopy (directions provided to bring to class all ready to start working) into a working design format.  Choosing fabrics from your stash and developing the background will be completed. Your pattern develops for day two.
Day Two: Today you will start to lay in the collage components – layering of the foundation pieces,  underlays of colour  and sheers to give the design depth. Borders will be added and an overlay of toile to hold your  small pieces in lace and then the quilting design will be chosen. 

Demonstrations throughout the project will ensure you are prepared to carry on at home after class. You will be amazed at how fast your design will come together using Bethany’s techniques, tips and suggestions.

Some supplies provided in the $15 kit fee payable to the Instructor on Day One.


A bit about the Instructor…

Bethany has been designing and making quilts since 1976. As a Quilt Historian, Restoration Specialist and Conservator, she has made a  strong focus in her creative life the support and promotion of fibre as an art form for women in the 21st century. Having moved to Canada in 1985, Beth has been active in many local and national quilting groups and organizations, serving currently as a Board member for the restored TETT Creativity Centre for Leaning in Kingston and for years, as a quilt/surface design educator in Southern Ontario.

Since 1996, Bethany has worked as an Instructor in the Textile Design Certificate Program at St. Lawrence College in Brockville/Kingston, ON.  She currently instructs six of the eight design/colour courses in the Program. The college is pleased to have graduated 32 design students from this program. 

Bethany is a past president of the Canadian Quilters Association/ACC, and was honoured as the CQA/ACC Teacher of the Year in 2011.

She currently serves Studio Art Quilt Associates as an Alternate, Central Canada Regional Representative and was selected as Curator for a major SAQA Exhibition, MY CORNER OF THE WORLD- CANADA shown by major galleries in Canada and now traveling across France through 2017/18.

She has been active within the Surface Design Association, assisting the Marketing Committee.  Bethany enjoys active membership in the Limestone Quilters Guild in Kingston, ON. She also enjoys her active membership with both the Kingston Fibre Artists and CONNECTIONS Fibre Artists groups here in Ontario. She exhibits her work across Canada and the US, often in gallery settings and with group/Association exhibitions.

Bethany travels and teaches for Quilt Guilds,  shops and women's groups by invitation. She is the Owner and Managing Co-ordinator for FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Weekend Workshops which has brought the best of the best Fibre Educators to Canada since 1979.

Some links to Bethany’s work and important links to other organizations in which she is an active member information:

www.bethanygarner.blogspot.caBethany Garner

(Coverage of Bethany’s Teacher of the Year Award)

http://www.saqa.com/memberArt.php?ID=3467 (My Corner of the World-Canada)

Contact at home:

Bethany Garner  3275 Orser Road, Elginburg, ON K0H 1M0