Saturday, October 28, 2017

I am so proudly an active member of STUDIO ART QUILT ASSOCIATES and it is time to start planning your particpation for 2018. Come on - join in the fun!


SAQA members from Kingston/Perth/Belleville/Brockville/Arnprior area meet for POD meeting in late September... 
The Kingston and area SAQA members met at the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall on September 25th for an all day 'INDIGO - For the Love of Blue' play date and all of the dye players had a super time making little or no mess and PLENTY of BLUE fabric during the day with a 1-2 pm SAQA meeting and shared 'Creative Buffet' of new work underway.  Lots of experimenting and getting the handsbue and two of the dyers took home vats to refresh and continue their play time!

Having the opportunity to spend time with our SAQA friends who are gathering across the area is a great way to keep our links and friendships growing and developing.  While the numbers were low for the Odessa play date, as we all know September is a busy travel and yard work time of year for many of our members... and we all had good fun! 
I know there are pods gathering in Toronto, London area and Fergus area though I don't know if they have official names or contacts other than our own MAGGIE VANDERWEIT - SAQA Regional Representative. Thanks to Millie Cumming and Maggie for hosting recently! Do be in touch with these members for more details .

I know there is a TORONTO POD meeting on November 7th but do not have the details for you here. Do chat with our SAQA friend Gunnel Hag at , as she will likely know.
SAQA - NIAGARA PENINSULA “POD” - contact Dianne Gibson (will try to secure their more recent October photo with more members)

Also hope there is a recent photo from their area POD meeting October 15 in Almonte that someone will share!

Ottawa Valley/St. Lawrence SAQA members at the home of Heather Dubreuil in spring 2017

Hoping this fall each of you are enjoying time for stitching together, and working up planning for Spring Retreats, more POD meetings and just being with SAQA friends along the way. Winter months are awesome for planning and creating new work  for upcoming SAQA CALLS TO ENTRY,

* Registration is OPEN now for the awesome SAQA 'TEXtiles' Spring Conference in San Antonio, TX April 5-8, 2018!

Early Bird Registration ends November 1st.  
(I have booked my room t the San Antonio Drury Inn and looking for a ROOMMATE to share the cost! 2 room suite and I will take the folding couch and the 'mate' can have the King bed...  let me know!       garner[AT]

Hoping YOU can attend! Take a friend! There is not a better city to explore in early April when the warm temperatures and sunshine abound!

2018 SAQA TEXtiles Conference, San Antonio. TX  Registration Fees 
$350 - Early Bird Registration (must register by November 1st)
$400 - Full Conference Registration ($40 late fee applies after March 1st)
$200 - Regional Representatives (must attend Reps meeting)
$150 - Full time student (verification will be required)

* Enjoy the coming months and do make time for SAQA events and friends... make some calls and meet-up for seeing a show together, check out meetings of our provincial SAQA Pods and bring along a friend or two!

* Lots of memberships renewing at this time of year and this is the very BEST time to get your membership secured for all of the great things happening in 2018! Follow the link here to renew your membership! And don't forget that there are benefits for recruiting new members - so do invite your friends to join us!

* QUILTS=ART=QUILTS opens in the Schweinfurth Art Center at Auburn, NY and is not to be missed!

Many SAQA international stars are featured on the Artists List - with HELENA SCHEFFER  from Beaconsfield, QC representing our country this year .

Let's all try to support this beautiful show with our entries this exhibition for 2018! (Open to artists from around the world)

A short drive into Northern NY and a great "road trip with friends" opportunity. I plan to get down during November!

See you along the way...

Thursday, October 26, 2017

New MODERN QUILT GUILD forming in Prince Edward County and Bay of Quinte area..... if you are keen to discover the magic of clean, fresh, contemporary quilt design, come visit!

The Truth Behind Morning Make

from her great blog here


At work in her Studio, Cheryl has infration at her blog to entice YOU to try her Early Morning Make routinee and get some work done...

As the brand new BAY OF QUINTE  MODERN QUILT GUILD begins the journey to becoming a full fledged and recognized international Modern Quilt Guild here in Ontario, we celebrate the quilters who have taken the Improv and Modern Quilt movement here in Canada to a whole new plateau. The quilts that are appearing in shows, shop class lists and at Guild Show and Tell segments are all just wonderfully exciting.  

Take a peek at the Facebook Page that Bill Stearman has set up for the start-up Guild - it is wonderful! Great photos and sure to be one that you should friend and add to your reading list!
Amazing work done by Bill Stearman and shared at the first Bay of Quinte Modern Quilt Guild meeting
Great quilts created by the members of the new Guild are shared at each meeting...

I attended this week's meeting at the Ameliasburg Hall in Prince Edward County and was truly inspired by the 'ready to get this going' commitment of all of the 12 or 13 participants. I am excited and eager to try to participate as often as possible.

Bill and friends have rented the hall for a fourth Monday 3-5 pm meeting through December 2017, at the Hall in Ameliasburg and the dates for the 2018 meetings are being booked. The later afternoon allows several members who work to participate.  

If interested in more details, do please contact bill at bill.stearman[AT] Everyone welcome.