Friday, May 30, 2014

SAQA Benefit Auction Art work readied for submission...

Forest Floor, Bethany Garner
Participating in the donation of Forest Floor to the Benefit Auction for 2014 at Studio Art Quilt Associates. The call went out for 12 x 12 inch quilts early this spring, and I have always been on the "purchaser" side of the Annual Auction. This year, the importance of the donation is heightened, as fewer members are finding that they can donate a piece of art for the auction. My piece was ready and the deadline for submission was extended, so after lots of busy days over the past several weeks with FIBREWORKS commitments, I am sending off my piece to meet the deadline.
Each fall during the month of September, SAQA offers the donation quilts in an online Auction format. Some of the quilts (and mine does not qualify as it is mounted on a frame for hanging) are designated to travel to the International Quilt Festival in Houston to be shared during a live Auction. Some are chosen for inclusion in a permanent collection at the International Quilt Studies Centre at the University of Nebraska.
It is indeed a pleasure to see this small piece of art, with elements intended to deteriorate over time just as a forest floor in real time, travel to the SAQA Benefit Auction to support the important educational programs offered through the Association's Exhibition program. I encourage all members to consider the donation of a 12 x 12 piece of art before the June 15th deadline. The entry form is HERE .