Wednesday, October 8, 2014

'It is so hard to slow down to the pace where it is possible to explore one's mind.' Agnes Martin, from her "Writings"...

* Learning to weave with members of the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners Guild. Loving it. I NEED A Floor LOOM! 36" or 45" Jack or Counter Balance. Do you know of a good one, used but loved, for sale or gifted giving? Keep me in mind. Contact

* Heading to Ottawa for a SAQA Regional Meeting October 21st .. details here  Everyone welcome, but only 16 can attend due to available seating in the room we are using.

* Making ART for the next CONNECTIONS Fibre Artists Show. Designed to be the required 18" square. Time consuming. All laid threads, couched, hand stitch.

* Preparing for St. Lawrence College Course that I hope will run November 5-26th - come join me. GROW, PLAY, LEARN. CREATE. Details in post below at this site.

* Keeping up with recovery from wrist fracture is tedious and hard work. Nerve damage to my left hand and arm means strengthening exercises be done all day long. OT's are great to know. Finally, help is on the way.

* Missing important meetings due to schedule conflicts... many places to be, all at the same time. Miss seeing friends. Important friends. Today, KFA and QUILTS KINGSTON  2015 missed.

* Life moves fast as we get older...spend each day wisely and well! Make ART!