Monday, November 3, 2014

ARTIST CELLAR's Kaleidoscope Stencil Series from designer Cecilia Swatton launches and a set will be arriving in my studio soon...

From Lisa Chin's Blog post offering a Giveaway here - stunning  results

ARTIST CELLAR's all new stencil series designed by Cecelia Swatton was a gift offering from Lisa Chin and her friends on a recent blog hop. I left a comment and am so happy to hear that Cecilia's Artist Cellar Kaleidoscope Stencil Series will come into my studio in the near future.
Please visit the ARTIST CELLAR website here and learn all about their amazing product lines from  the very best of the best artist designers...

My notice this weekend while I was in Auburn for Quilts=ART=Quilts Opening:

Congratulations to Bethany Garner!

The winner of Cecilia Swatton's new line of Kaleidoscope Stencils from Artistcellar!
Bethany, check your email and send me your mailing address.

I have used Artist Cellar series stencils in my dye and paint work for years. They clean up just beautifully and are available in several sizes. You can see Lisa's blog post about her use of the Kaleidoscope stencils here and the pictures of her beautiful work. I follow her "Something Clever About Nothing" blog regularly and have learned so much from Lisa and her Printed Fabric Bee friends.
I always look for the Artist Cellar Stencils when we travel to the big quilt shows and you can order them online here: (please encourage your local Quilt/Art Supply shops to order them for you)

    Thanks to Lisa Chin, Cecilia Swatton and ARTIST CELLAR for this terrific opportunity.