Friday, February 20, 2015

Please join Kingston's PETA GILLYATT BAILEY, LINDA COULTER, JANET ELLIOTT and JANINE GATES for the Vernissage introducing their first joint Exhibition, MAKING OUR MARKS at the VERB Gallery, Kingston

There are times in the life of a teacher/facilitator/innovation coach that really make it all worth while. You share bits and pieces of information, demonstrate some of your skills and share a lot of materials/resources and wonder if it all makes sense... here is an example of why we do what we do...

Posting the first group exhibition of four stellar students that have walked into the world of expression through art and watching as they find the diversity and joy that can be had in creating their Art Quilts/Stitch - and as a part of a wonderful group of friends, all with the goal to take their skills to the next step - is one of those. 

I would like to introduce to you the artists exhibiting at VERB Gallery, downtown Kingston starting March 2nd, 2015. Please make time to stop in - more than once. Their work is beautiful, thought provoking, seamless in quality and just wonderfully executed...


Saturday March 7, 2015
3-5 pm
Verb Gallery at Wayfarer Books
Wellington at Princess Streets, downtown Kingston
Everyone Welcome

These four women, all with professional careers in the community,  have formed an alliance, a close friendship, and it happened at St. Lawrence College, in the Textile Design Program... 

And sure they learned some things in the Program, but more importantly, they have stepped up and taken a hold on their creativity and set goals together for new work, delving into the Fibre Arts with a team approach. Now they have made the decision to put their work out there and see what others think.  Exploring multiple styles of applying the elements and principles of design to their work and then bringing their innate decision making skills to the new work makes them strong and very cohesive as a group. 

How much bolder can four great women, all with individual skills and insight, but stronger together be? Only you can decide when you walk through the Gallery and see the results of about three years of working together, exploring textiles and fibre art - the history, diversity and techniques.

Janine Gates and Janet Elliott are members of the Kingston Fibre Artists and their work is known to the community already... watch as Peta and Linda join in the success of their first local exhibition.

As an Instructor and friend, I could not be more proud and happy for these four Artists... watch for what comes next. 

Enjoy the Exhibition.


  1. Hi, Bethany. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and I was delighted to discover your blog and all the amazing things you're doing. How very exciting to have students who are exhibiting their work. Your teaching job sounds much more fun than mine (Communication & Tourism in English--because that's where the need is)--sigh. If you should be interested, I show more of my appliqué on my main blog (Multicoloredpieces) under the titles at the top. Appliqué is really where I have developed my visual language for the last thirty years or so. I hope to stop by occasionally!
    best, nadia

  2. About the thermofax tutorials
    Excellent! I'm glad it is useful and all the tutorials can be copied and used by others. Just mention where it came from!!