Friday, December 26, 2014

Please explore with me the work of SARAH FINCHAM....


I have just discovered the beautiful, soulful art of Sarah Fincham - this photos is a piece of her original art... it has touched me. So reminds me of the many times I had to seek the advise and council of my older sister Patricia. This is a perfect piece really.... the temperament and  love is there.. and in black and white says so much that colour never could.
I will be following Sarah's work very closely now! Please do visit Sarah's blog here to discover for yourself the very special artwork she shares. The drawings are very meaningful... and I personally love her abstracts seen here.
You might like a peek at Sarah's  Etsy shop, too - here
Thanks Sarah, for a walk back to better times, and the love of a big sister. This is a great time of year to think about family and friends...sometimes your best friends are a part of your family.
Happy New Year everyone...