Thursday, January 1, 2015

Well, here we are at NEW YEARS DAY 2015... what will YOU be focusing on in this new year? And my choice for creative fun? Read on...

DARKNESS, Pine Rack in Ontario Winter by Bethany Garner 2014

First of all HAPPY NEW YEAR to each of you reading this post...and I am wishing for you all of the peace, joy and creativity that a year could possibly offer. Be kind to your friends and neighbors, think of those less fortunate than you and your family, hold your children and their children close and be loving and attentive to your husband or wife .
Plan to build on your talents this year, and focus inward, on whatever your dreams have been and could be for the future. Make time each day for creativity and fibre... and ensure that you are healthy, protective of your body and it's potential for taking you into the future. Sure we all think about the "fitness" resolutions that are common this time of year, but more importantly is just being as healthy as you can be today... use the power you have to control the vices, and focus intently on your innate and learned strengths.
For me, the last year was painfully wasted on health issues (back and left wrist, shoulder and hand). In this new year, I will watch where I am going to prevent falls - yes, a "senior" commitment that many of us should be taking seriously. Falls account for more than 80% of the issues seniors deal with! I plan to walk more... maybe accompany my hubby on the dog walks, and set up a "track" of sorts around our one acre property that I will walk several times a day - creating more awareness of my surroundings as well as allowing for THINK TIME!
If you can, and have time, please plan to join me at ST. LAWRENCE COLLEGE, January 15-April 2, 2015. 6-9 pm, Room 00060, lower level, Green Wing. Using E6 door, coming into the college... that is where ART will be happening for textile enthusiasts of all levels and with an interest in sharing, growing, networking and creating Fibre Art... your way!
Thursday evenings in the New Year.... where else would I want to be than with great students and new friends in a classroom, playing with fabric, design, paints, and threads. This year we embark again on exploring the path to creative development in COLOUR- The Quilt Artists Way, a full credit course, ARTS 109.
And what if you are not a quilter??? Well, how about painter, creatively exploring the development of personally original art on canvas, paper, various fibre sub straights?  Well, come join in and play!

Using wool or silk in your work - we would love to see what you are doing, and perhaps following along as we study the BORO ART of Japan and explore the MODERN QUILT MOVEMENT (certainly two contrasting art forms, albeit focused on textile)... then perhaps this is where you would like to be!
Photo of Boro Cloth garments from Textile a private collection

Modern Quilt created with stash fabrics, and applied 1/4 inch bias tape
Joe Cunningham, Art Quilter and friend from the past - stunningly MODERN!
Please visit Joe's website to see more HERE 
My plans are to explore the work of the amazing Japanese men and women who seem to be taking the front row as the awards are being handed out at Quilt and Fibre Art shows and exhibitions, and see what they do that is applicable to us as we explore new work for 2015!!!

I would love to help you take some steps that are easy and fun, and designed to address the changes in the worldwide quilt community that focus in on lots of open space, minimal piecing and applique and LARGE work - yes, bed quilts, large wall quilts and ART Exhibition entries that take the viewer by surprise.... think colour, size, texture, stitch, all created by YOU!
10 Students Needed To Run The Course...will YOU be there???
Check out our course online here at St. Lawrence College's Continuing Education Program this winter... and plan on making the first month of 2015 a new start on YOUR creative textile work...
Colour, the Quilt Artist's Way
Course Code: ARTS109Section: 860
Campus: KINGSTONInstructor: Bethany Garner
Date(s): 1/15/2015 - 4/2/2015.
Days of Week: Thursday evenings.   Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM 
Fee: $246.24Additional Notes: 
$35 materials fee due at first class
SEE YOU IN THE NEW YEAR... have a great next weekend!
Photo attributed to the art work of Kathryann White