Thursday, January 22, 2015

February 6-8th CABIN FEVER WEEKEND is fast approaching and many area friends are coming together to create great, new FIBRE ART!

Woodland by A.J. Casson inspired Bethany's Sunday Collage project
So many thanks to all of our area quilters, dyers and fibre arts loving students. The hall is rented, the three days of shared learning scheduled and the response has been great! What better time than a winter weekend to get together to play with FABRIC... creating a quilt,or colouring fabric in a fun filled way or by layering cloth for free form applique design in YOUR own way! It's all about exploration of new techniques and FUN!!

Love that many of you have signed up for all three days and that friends are joining friends to make a weekend of it! There are many opportunities to learn new skills in the sharing time with old and new friends ... think about it. Our many friends in fibre arts bring so much experience and knowledge to the table in workshop settings! It is always fun to see the twists and turns as quilters and textile artists make a simple workshop plan turn into the magical time among friends that just could help YOU make that step toward an all new take on your own fibre art.

Come explore the various techniques and have some fun along the way. There is still time to prepare... and Show and Tell after the end of the weekend is always the best!

Looking forward to seeing all of our students in Odessa Friday February 6-8, 2015...

Registration information is in the CABIN FEVER Weekend blog post at  and on the right sidebar there at the FIBREWORKS blog.Do consider joining in on the fun!