Sunday, March 26, 2017

SUMMER SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS at St. Lawrence College offers students two opportunities to transfer full course credts to their program of TEXTILE DESIGN at St.Lawrence or the Haliburton Summer School for the Arts... and we are right here close to home! Enjoy the summer evenings or a full week of Design and Stitch while sharing the beauty of the season along the St. Lawrence River and Lake Ontario at Kingston and Brockville Campuses.

ARTS 110, A full credit component of the TEXTILE ARTS  Program at
  St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus
May 30-July 6, 2017
(Tuesday and Thursday 6-9 pm)

Our students come to the collage, often with years of sewing and design experience, wanting to enhance their skills and work creatively to start an all new body of work using the many new techniques shared during the six weeks together with a community of students with similar goals. Sharing is encouraged, and  there is always a relaxed and  a collegial environment where support and growth are the goal. Every student is encouraged to take his or her own path using the class as a jumping off point for their own new work. 

This course will guide you as a beginner or seasoned artist to create all new work in a relaxed classroom setting using fibre as your medium.

Hand work as well as fabric painting, beading, manipulation and some MX and transfer dye play, mono-printing, collage, wet felting and creative machine stitchery will be explored as we work through this series of classes. 

Over-painted stitched cloth...multimedia comes to class...stamping, print work, thermoax screens

ARTS 113, Creating Fabrics with Dyes and Pigments
A full credit component of the TEXTILE ARTS  Program at
  St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus
JULY 31-August 4, 2017, Brockville Campus

SOLITUDE, Bethany Garner
.Indigo dye-play for the KFA Show, 2017

This full week M-F  course is for those with a passionate interest in fibre arts as a vehicle for artistic expression and creation of functional art and fine textile design. Students will study complex processes for dye work, Shibori and Arashi patterning, complete a series of Indigo studies and more. Students will explore design, colour, innovation, and fabric manipulation as they and develop the confidence to continue to use their creativity and openness to learning.  
On-campus residence is available for those who would like to use this experience as a “get away” for personal development of a new stash of fabrics for work as the year progresses, exhibition calls are on the calendar and you just need a time to focus on your new work. Machine play is welcome, and the studio is open 8 am through 10 pm each day. 

Pole Wrapped Arashi Shibori

Shibori Meets Rust...

Bethany Garner, Instructor
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