Monday, March 20, 2017

The KINGSTON FIBRE ARTISTS Annual Show, ART THREADS, is open at the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning - do come and enjoy the exhibition! Open through April 13th, seven days a week and 10-5 pm

LINE PLAY, each piece 14" w x 45" h
Diptych of pieced blocks created with hand dyed fabrics by Bethany Garner

the 2017 Show and Sale of the
March 18th through April 13, 2017
Community Gallery, First Level
TETT Centre For Creativity and Learning
10-5 pm , 7 days each week
Please visit if you can and bring friends!

Hanging at the TETT, the pieces I made for this year's ART THREADS show have taken me from the classroom where I share stitch and design classes at St. Lawrence College and the Kingston Handloom Weavers and Spinners Studio, also at the TETT,  where I occasionally have a chance to share dye courses. I enjoy the time to hand dye my own cloth for work I share in exhibitions, and appreciate having this opportunity to share some fun new work this year.

SOLITUDE, 27" w x 48"h
designed by Bethany Garner
Hand dyed cotton developed in an indigo dye class for the KHWS. One large piece, cut and re-pieced to develop an imagined fantasy forest. Machine quilted and frame mounted.

A bit about the ART THREADS Show and Sale:

The beautiful and wide ranging collection of KFA 2017 artwork on display represents new work by the 18 members of the Kingston Fibre Artists group. Meeting together monthly and working both in their individual artist home based studios and  as we share stitch days together over the past 20 years, these artists and design, creative technique and stitch enthusiasts have created a stunning show representing numerous styles and so much COLOUR! They present together for the second year at the TETT, sharing a Gallery filled with colour, texture, design play and a wonderful variety of design styles, sizes of artwork on display and price ranges to appeal to those eager to collect and gift beautiful art with family and friends.

The show is in it's 19th year, and has brought exciting new work to Kingston and area arts enthusiasts keen to see what is the newest of trends in the textile arts world. Many of our artists are exhibition arts participants in local, national and international shows, and several are represented by area Galleries.

Here are a few photos of the show gallery and we hope perhaps you will join us over the next several weeks. Bring friends and enjoy lunch or an early dinner at the Juniper Café at the Tett, just down the corridor at Lake Ontario the waterfront! A real treat...

Gallery shots are always fun, and this Community Gallery at the TETT is filled with wonderful fibre pieces to take in and perhaps take home for your personal art collection! Plan to stay awhile,  as each piece will be a treat to explore...browsing and just studying the style, technique  and creativity is encouraged! Our artists will be GALLERY SITTING during all of the show hours this year, so please feel free to ask questions!

Artwork created by LINDA Coulter, our 2017 Show Coordinator

The KFA artwork is beautiful and diverse and colourful... and a PAPER CHALLENGE has been added this year as a fund raiser for the KFA Group to ensure that we can be back in GALLERY TETT next year for your return visit!
 Artwork by Margaret Morris, Tina Barnes, Mary Ev Wyatt and Janet Elliott

by KFA Founding Artists
Hilary Scanlon

Artwork by Phillida Hargreaves, Sandra Garner, Sylvia Naylor, Robin Field, Christina Barnes

Included in the show is the very special work by HILARY SCANLON below, Midnight Bathing Belles, created especially for this year's show and the display includes Hilary's wonderful journal recording each step in her design process...

Do take time to have a look through this really special written and hand drawn record of her design and planning information while at the Gallery!

The concept drawings... a special part of the process.

HOPE TO SEE YOU in the Gallery!